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Tooth Fairy Kit

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Primary colour

The ultimate kit to create a magical tooth fairy experience for your child.

Kit includes;

-Small drawstring bag

- pop the tooth in and/or stash your note and gift!

-A bottle of magic

- create a fun experience

-Keep sake box

- your child can keep all their fairy notes and magic inside!

-25 unique fairy letters, including jokes, life lessons, sentiments and affirmations based at kids 5-9 years old. (Most kids stop believing at age 8 *sad face* )

Oh but what if your child swallows their tooth? looses two at once? wants the tooth fairy to write back to their letters? Having trouble with doing their homework or not getting along with friends at school? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!! Choose one or two of the 25 notes to suit your child’s stage!

Enjoy this easy to use magical tooth fairy kit! Colours (based on availability)

 Please Message me LOCAL PICKUP available



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