The Little Cards

Hey Little Card Players!

Here are some games you can play;

Players: 1 or more
Face down as many pairs that you wish to play with.
Player turns over two cards, if a match, player keeps cards and takes another turn. If no match, player turns cards back over and next players turn.

Players: 2 or more
Deal out the full deck of cards evenly to players.
A player starts the game by putting a card from their pile into the middle, continue clockwise with players putting down one card. If the new card being placed down matches the one one the middle pile, players can say “Snap’’ and slap their hand on the matching pair. Whoever is the first to "Snap" will take the whole pile of cards.
Continue game until players run out of cards.
Last player with cards left is the winner AKA Little Legend!

Go Fish
Players: 2 - 6
Shuffle and deal 5 cards to each player (players can look at their cards).
Spread the remainder of the cards face down in the middle of the table, to create a ‘pond’.
Player 1 asks the player to their left if they have a specific card (to match what they have in their hand already).
If the player to the left has the specific card, they must give the card to the player who asked.
If lucky enough to make a pair, player gets another turn until no pairs can be made.
If the player asked does not have the specific card, they will say ‘go fish’ and player 1 will take a card from the ‘pond’
Play clockwise so everyone gets a turn of actioning Player 1.
Players will lay down their matching cards on the table for all to see.
Win the game when you no longer have any cards in your hand and you will be crowned the Little Legend!

Old Legend (aka Old Maid)
Players: 2 or more
Shuffle deck and deal out evenly as possible to all players.
Players look at cards and pull out any matching pairs and face up all table for all to see.
Player 1 hold their cards like a fan so only the back of the card is showing. The player to their left can select any card from the deck and hopes for
a card that would make a match with the card that they already hold. If they find a match they place it upwards on the table. Continue clockwise with each player taking a turn trying to make a pair.
The last person holding the “little legend’ card looses, as there is no pair, everyone else is a winner!

Other Games/Activities

Charades: Act out being Kind/Playing with someone new/Being Brave

Talk about a time when you 'showed thanks' (or any chosen card) or a way that you could do this in the future.

Make a story using the cards and make up characters and situations to fill the blanks.

Group the cards into categories that you consider Kind. Self Love. Friendship.

Use the cards as gifts/tokens for your little ones when they demonstrate being a little legend of life.

Let your little ones decide what they'd like to do with them, they are oh so clever!